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poor vision eBooks

By Karl on 2008-06-03 08:28 PM

Almost 20 years ago. I was in a brainstorming group on placing the whole semester of books on an eBook. Shortly later, I moved overseas and have no idea how that went.

New idea: the standard eBook turned landscape and with a control to change the size of type might be sold or loaned 'to the poorly sighted . As the type size could be adjustale, the reader would be able to pick the number of chracters per line to fit his/her eyesight and not tied to the typcalical TV set type of reader, could take books on vacation or trips or just to a more comfortable spot.
Ability to change books in the reader via a chip or other media, adjustable light intensity and easy recharging would also b desirable.

Does anything like this exist?

Anything like this on the market or uderdevelopent?


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